September 6, 2022 – December 23, 2022 all-day
Gina Vodola
(201) 934-5005

In this course, participants will engage with the “Ten Mindsets for Transformational Leadership” from Students Taking Charge: Implementation Guide for Leaders by Dr. Nancy Sulla, Julie Marks, and Tanya Bosco. Participants will gain insights, tools, and strategies for leading schools and districts in ways that transform practice and mindsets. They will design action plans to inspire the adaptive change at the core of schools focused on improving student achievement and experience through engagement, empowerment, and efficacy. They will engage in a variety of virtual settings over the course of each month and will engage in collaborative learning with other school and district leaders seeking the same transformational outcomes.


  1. Engage with Ten Mindsets across multiple activity lists throughout the course
  2. Gain insights, tools and resources for use in faculty meetings, observation conferencing, PLCs, learning walks, book clubs and more…
  3. View the Mindsets through a systems-based approach, making connections to key components of school and district goals, mission and vision
  4. Collaborate and engage with the authors and other school leaders across schools and districts
  5. Explore scenarios and develop actionable steps to take each month to move from engagement to empowerment to efficacy

Participants in this course will use Students Taking Charge: Implementation Guide for Leaders by Dr. Nancy Sulla, Julie Marks and Tanya Bosco as a resource. The assigned book must be purchased in advance. Access to MyQPortal is included for all participants while enrolled in the VLC. 25 contact hours.