How can you ensure that each of your students with learning disabilities is able to access learning and succeed in a hybrid learning environment? Explore strategies to help students navigate their physical and remote environment to optimize learning at home and in the classroom, address behavioral challenges, and support executive function and social and emotional learning.

Course 021


  1. Explore the 7 attributes of a Hybrid Learning Environment.
  2. Explore and develop strategies to help students manage and self regulate in both the remote and brick-and-mortar classroom (inclusion, self contained, or other).
  3. Gain strategies and structures to support classroom management in small and large group settings.
  4. Explore graphic organizers and other scaffolding tools to engage students in the learning process and develop executive function.
  5. Develop purposeful opportunities for students to self assess and reflect, as well as to support students’ executive function and social and emotional learning.
  6. Create structures and protocols to support students during collaborative activities and develop the 5 competencies of SEL.
  7. Develop accommodations and modifications for students with learning disabilities appropriate and accessible in both the remote and brick-and-mortar classroom.

Access to MyQPortal is included for all participants while enrolled in the VLC. 25 credit hours.

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