Helping businesses deliver virtual services while maintaining their sanity

Remote sessions in:

  • • Strategies for building client relationships virtually
  • • Strategies for leveraging technology for collaboration
  • • Strategies for keeping your clients when the doors reopen

Helping teachers design & implement remote learning while maintaining their sanity

Give your teachers the support they need during school closures through virtual coaching.

Visit our free sites for teachers at and or for parents at; join our VLC on “Teaching Through the Pandemic”; or learn more about our options for schools and districts moving to remote instruction.

Download Leading Teachers in Designing Remote Learning Environments.

Contact for more information.

Welcome to EdQuiddity, home of student-driven, online learning experiences and resources!

Our Virtual Learning Communities are different than most online courses in that each VLC has a facilitator who guides the course, provides valuable feedback, and fosters a community of learners.

IDE Corp, the sister-company to EdQuiddity, specializes in transformational consulting and professional development, and partners with schools to position students to change the world! The EdQuiddity MyQPortal provides valuable resources for educators working with IDE to create student-driven classrooms.