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As teachers are packing up their classrooms to start enjoying the summer months, flexibility and accessibility are key to professional development. We at EdQuiddity are educators, designing for educators. With that in mind, we have carefully crafted online, on-demand Professional Learning Experiences (PLEs) that cover all aspects of education, to provide schools and districts with budget-friendly solutions that fit seamlessly into teachers’ summer schedules. Educators can access these resources anytime, anywhere, enabling them to implement new strategies and resources immediately in their classrooms come the start of the new school year. Our PLEs are organized in modules; however, they are meant to be accessed as a resource to support whatever a teacher may need at any given time during their 2 years of access. This flexible approach to professional development ensures that teachers are continually supported in reaching each learner effectively. Educators can use the Professional Learning Experiences as a resource to drive faculty meetings, enhance PLC meetings, foster individual professional growth, and create commonly used language and resources across grades, schools, and districts.

Strategies for Supporting ELLs: Special Offer!

With the growing rise of ELL populations in our schools, we know how important it is to equip teachers with strategies to support their English Language Learners (ELLs). Our sister company, IDE Corp., has created 7 Essential Elements for ELL Support, and we have designed professional development centered  around those 7 elements. The PLE Strategies for Supporting ELLs begins with an introduction to ELL support, covering levels of language acquisition and addressing the needs of students with limited or interrupted education. Educators will learn the 7 Essential Elements for ELL support, how to create a welcoming and supportive physical space, and how to scaffold learning experiences effectively. Additional focus areas include providing resources for student self-advocacy, explicit language instruction, facilitating ELL learning, fostering emotional wellness, and prioritizing social engagement. Empowering parents and caregivers, embracing equitable assessment practices, and planning next steps all ensure a holistic approach to supporting ELLs. For a limited time, until 7/15/2024, our Strategies for Supporting ELLs Professional Learning Experience is available for only $50 per person. 

Professional Development

Strategies for Maximizing Student Achievement

Our PLE on Strategies for Maximizing Student Achievement provides professional development that covers essential strategies to enhance classroom effectiveness. It begins with a foundational overview, setting the stage for a deeper exploration into diverse instructional activities. Educators will learn about the critical roles of executive function and social-emotional learning in student success, coupled with practical classroom management techniques. The PLE addresses equity in education through the “7 Lenses of Instructional Equity,” while supporting teachers in planning for collaborative learning and integrating Project-Based Learning via the 6 Ps of PBL. Additionally, the modules expose educators to structures that build student agency, support for ELLs, and effective facilitation methods. Teachers will also deconstruct whole-group instruction, utilize various types of videos for learning, and transition from assessment to achievement, culminating in actionable next steps for ongoing development. If your district is looking to maximize student achievement, this is the PLE for you.

Professional Development

The Equity Lens: Reflecting On Your Learning Environment

Understanding and implementing equity in education is paramount, and this PLE guides educators through a reflective process. The Equity Lens: Reflecting On Your Learning Environment takes a deep dive into IDE Corp.’s 7 Lenses of Instructional Equity. This PLE provides teachers with the opportunity to explore representation, opportunity, access, and empowerment within their classrooms. It also delves into building authentic relationships, fostering cultural responsiveness, and creating welcoming and affirming learning environments. Educators will examine the power of language, participatory structures, and equitable assessments, while also considering the physical and virtual learning environments. Celebrating diversity and revisiting equity practices ensures that teachers can continuously improve their approach to creating equitable educational settings.

Professional Development

Executive Function: The Pathway to Student Achievement

The Pathway to Student Achievement is executive function. Our PLE on executive function exposes educators to brain development and ways to foster executive function in our classrooms. The 14 modules within this professional development offering emphasize the critical role of executive function in student achievement. It begins with an introduction to the concepts and importance of executive function, followed by a detailed exploration of executive function’s 6 levels and 40 associated skills. Educators will learn strategies for helping students attain conscious control over their actions and transition from compliance to engagement. The PLE highlights the importance of collaboration, empowerment, and developing a sense of efficacy in students. Leadership development and facilitation through an executive function lens are also covered, alongside the connections among executive function, social-emotional learning, and trauma-informed environments. The PLE concludes with integrating a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and strengthening home-school connections.

Engaging Students Through the 6 Ps of PBL

An important component of engaging students is through the 6 Ps of PBL. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an effective way to engage students, and this PLE walks educators through the entire process. Starting with an overview of the 6 Ps framework, teachers will learn to create effective PBL task statements aligned with content standards and addressing felt needs, and how to ensure that tasks are open-ended and relevant to an authentic audience. The PLE Engaging Students Through the 6 Ps of PBL provides guidance on creating analytic rubrics, understanding the task-rubric partnership, and scaffolding learning throughout the PBL process. Educators will be equipped to launch and conclude PBL units effectively, ensuring that students are engaged and motivated from start to finish.

Professional Development

Fostering Student Agency Through Differentiated Activity Lists

Our schools are comprised of classrooms with very diverse students, and differentiation is key in reaching each learner. The PLE Fostering Student Agency Through Differentiated Activity Lists empowers educators to foster student agency through differentiated instruction. It begins with the importance of differentiation, and explores the balance between student choice and voice. Teachers will learn to structure differentiation using student activity lists, meeting the diverse needs of learners through well-designed activities. The PLE covers leveraging practice activities, creating application tasks to support retention, and designing self-assessment and reflection activities. Increasing student engagement, facilitating learning, and managing a differentiated classroom are key components, culminating in a plan for ongoing development to sustain student agency.

Professional Development

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