In this course, participants will leverage choice and technology to provide students with the ultimate differentiated learning environment. They will develop differentiated digital activity lists rooted in rigorous instruction that offer multiple ways to learn and apply content. Participants will explore autonomy, purpose, and mastery as motivators in all learning environments. They will design differentiated activity lists to put students in charge of their own learning, creating a structure that allows students to make decisions within a structured framework. Making informed decisions is an essential life skill that teachers can support with intentional classroom practices.


  1. Exploring ends-based teaching as a foundation for differentiation.
  2. Understanding the difference between learning and practice activities.
  3. Connecting student choice and voice to empowerment and academic achievement.
  4. Exploring UDL strategies to consider cognitive levels and learning styles when developing learning and practice activities for anywhere, anytime.
  5. Building a differentiated digital activity list to provide students choice in how and when they engage in learning and practice activities.
  6. Exploring the role of the teacher in an environment that empowers students to take more responsibility for their learning.
  7. Exploring the role of technology to leverage opportunities for differentiation in differentiated digital activity lists.
  8. Developing instructional videos and activities to support differentiation in digital activity lists.

Participants in this course will use Reinventing the Classroom Experience by Dr. Nancy Sulla as a resource. The assigned book must be purchased in advance. Access to MyQPortal is included for all participants while enrolled in the VLC. 25 credit hours.