The Summer Break Is a Time to Recharge and Grow! 

During the summer break, teachers have the opportunity to take time for themselves and enjoy a well-deserved rest from the demands of the academic year. This period also presents a perfect chance for educators to advance their teaching careers by learning new skills and concepts. With schedules opening up during summer hours, teacher can take advantage of EdQuiddity’s flexible Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs). We offer VLCs throughout the year, and our diverse range of courses available this summer ensures that there is something for everyone. Purchase a pack of seats for your teachers. There is plenty of time to get them enrolled!

Summer Professional Learning

Summer Virtual Learning Communities

So what makes our VLCs so unique? Our Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs) are designed specifically by educators for educators. Unlike standard online courses, our VLCs are led by experienced facilitators who provide continuous feedback and foster a collaborative learning environment. Educators can participate in 25 hours of self-paced, engaging activities that challenge their pedagogical thinking at their convenience. Whether you’re at home, on the beach, or wherever your summer vacation brings you, our summer VLCs work with your schedule! 

At EdQuiddity, we prioritize professional development that not only delivers new knowledge, but also models innovative practices and empowers educators to create materials for immediate classroom use. This summer, we’re excited to present a diverse array of Virtual Learning Communities tailored to meet educators’ needs. From enhancing executive function skills to supporting ELLs and integrating AI in the classroom, our summer offerings are designed to support educators at every stage of their professional journey. Below is a list of our summer offerings:

July 8th – July 29th

  • Designing PBLs 
  • Building Executive Function to Support Student Success
  • Strategies for Supporting ELLs
  • Leveraging AI in Your Classroom

August 5th – August 26th

  • PBL Implementation
  • Designing Differentiated Activity Lists
  • Structures and Strategies to Support Individualized Learning
  • Leveraging AI in Your Classroom

These interactive and immersive experiences provide a platform for educators to connect, collaborate, and cultivate a culture of lifelong learning from the comfort of their own homes. Seats for each course can be purchased now and used anytime within one year. This flexible PD option allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. Want to know what our teachers are saying about our VLCs? Check out some testimonials from our VLC courses below!

I am always blown away by the curated content of the activity lists and professionalism of the consultants. I am not exaggerating when I say these courses have deeply changed me as an educator forever. I have taken many VLCs now and each relate to the others so well. I am constantly making connections across the courses. Amazing work!
This VLC was beyond engaging and both nurturing and challenging. Tishahnah went above and beyond to support my learning. Thank you!
I have become obsessed with how each VLC course lends itself to the other courses I have taken. There is so much great work that overlaps and connects each and every goal! Tishahnah is amazing to work with, always smiling, and is constantly making me feel enthusiastic and excited to learn. Thanks for another great course!!!

Equip Your Teachers with Online Support 

As educators, the path of lifelong learning is continuous. Take advantage of the summer to fuel your professional growth, enabling you to inspire and elevate your students to new heights. Contact us today to enroll in a summer VLC course and move toward fostering a culture of ongoing professional development within your educational community. Purchase a 10-pack of seats for only $4,950, which can be applied to any course for up to a year after the purchase date. Equip your teachers with the tools and strategies they need to make a lasting impact in their classrooms. Let’s work together to ensure every student receives the personalized support they deserve! 

Summer Professional Learning