Executive function is critical to all students’ academic achievement; and we now know it can be developed and accelerated. Enhance your academic lesson plans by fostering the six key aspects of executive function, intentionally building critical achievement prerequisites in students.

Course 003


  1. Understanding how executive function is inextricably linked to the academic achievement of students at all developmental levels through the lens of six levels of increasingly complex life skills
  2. Understanding how executive function develops and how growth can be accelerated
  3. Understanding the difference between learning and practice activities, and the importance of purposeful “grappling” with content
  4. Developing learning and practice activities aimed at building executive function across the seven key components: working memory, cognitive flexibility, planning, reasoning, problem-solving, and self-regulation
  5. Creating a plan to implement structures that build executive function in the learning environment
  6. Learning to facilitate instruction by asking questions that lead to the development of greater executive function

Watch Dr. Nancy Sulla’s YouTube videos “Executive Function: The Missing Link to Student Achievement” and “All Students Can Learn with Executive Function“.

This course will use Dr. Nancy Sulla’s book, Building Executive Function: The Missing Link to Student Achievement as a resource. The assigned book must be purchased in advance. Access to MyQPortal is included for all participants while enrolled in the VLC. 25 contact hours.

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